ENGR 250X - Fitting Simulation & Kinematics

Wireframe and Surfaces

1.5 credit hours
50 hour course

Assembly Design (ENGR 250R)

DMU Fitting Simulation, DMU Kinematics

This course covers how to put assemblies into motion. It covers how to produce a fitting simulation, which shows how an assembly is taken apart and/or put together, with analysis. It also covers how to produce a kinematic simulation of a mechanism, which shows how a mechanism operates, with analysis. Students will learn how to integrate fitting simulation and kinematic tools together to produce an overall simulation which can be made into a replay or an external video file.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to create and modify tracks and actions; create and modify sequences; create joints; create simulations with and without laws; create replays or external video files; use the pathfinder and perform analysis during simulations.

Sample Material

Wichita State University
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