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The CAD/CAM Lab at NIAR offers courses in CATIA (Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Applications), the primary software program used in the aircraft and automotive industry.

Courses are updated consistently and use the latest software versions to provide training on the most current industry practices and standards.

Workshops are designed to allow anyone, whether seeking a degree or just updating skills, to learn new techniques and get ahead of the rest in the fast-paced, highly-competitive aircraft industry. The class formats and teaching methods used are designed for students to retain information long after the course is complete.

Course schedules are flexible to fit busy schedules, with morning, weekend and evening classes available. Classes are offered five times per year. Each class is six weeks long and meets four hours each week. The CAD/CAM labs are also open for individual practice, study and research.

Courses can be taken as non-credit or for academic credit with Wichita State University or Wichita Area Technical College.

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